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Ghostriders Paranormal


Lead Investigator

Experience - 13years, Received Certificate of Paranormal Studies from Flamel College California

Expertise - Ghost Identification, Clearing

Favorite Equipment - P-SB7 Spirit Box, Alesis Palmtrack EVP Recorder

Favorite Haunted Location - Williamsburg VA.




Experience - 4 years

Expertise - Medium

Favorite Equipment - SB7 Spirit Box

Favorite Haunted Location - Fort Knox Bucksport ME.




 Tech Manager / Investigator 

Experience - 4 years

Expertise - Ghost Tech

Favorite Equipment - Ghost Box PX Device

Favorite Haunted Location - Lizzy Borden House






 Experience - 5 years

Expertise - Spirit Communication

Favorite Equipment - Clairvoyance

Favorite Haunted Location - The Sagendorph