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Ghostriders Paranormal


Season 1 

Episode 1

The Defoor Center Atlanta GA.

Headless, Haunted and a place called Home.

Built in the 1800's Martin and Susan Defoor called this place home. Known as the "Old Stone House" They lived their lives as everyone at that time did, quiet, modest, comfortable and now centuries later... The old stone house is reportedly HAUNTED by the spirits of many who passed through and died within it's walls.

During the Civil War the home served as a hospital for Sherman's Army as they blazed a fiery trail through Atlanta. Many soldiers spent their last moments here but that's not the true tragedy. On a warm summer morning Martin and Susan were found in their bed, decapitated, the murder weapon, an old rusty Axe was found in the fireplace covered in soot and blood, the murderers however were never found. Do Martin and Susan still roam the halls seeking revenge on their killers? Do the hundreds of Union Soldiers who died here still cry out in pain? Watch Episode 1 as Bad Max and Vexie kick some ghostly ass and get to the bottom of this tragic haunting.


  Season 1 

 Episode 2

Tannery Row Buford GA.

 A Haunted Shoe Factory and a Ghost to Boot.

 The tannery was originally constructed as a shoe factory by the Bona Allen Company. The Shoe Factory building was erected in 1919. The plant experienced nearly immediate success by using scrap leather pieces from other divisions of Bona Allen. This gave them a competitive edge, and added to the overall success of Bona Allen's companies. In 1921 there were 521,000 pairs of shoes produced and sold from this building. 

But all this success came at a price, the stress of the wars and production took a toll on the workers, early on a summers morning one employee was found dead hanging from a pair of boot straps, apparently from suicide. A few years later part of the tannery burnt down killing several workers. Shortly, after the war, the shoe factory was closed for good. Oddly, there is a tomb stone located under the stairs on the outside of the building, Who does this strange grave belong to? Do the workers who perished still think they work at the tannery, working late into the night?  Watch Episode 2 as Bad Max and Vexie blaze into the tannery to tackle this ghostly haunt!


Season 1

Episode 3

The Driskill Hotel Austin TX. 

A Haunted Hotel, cost for one nights stay? Eternity.

Originally constructed in the 1800's, this luxury hotel was built by a succsessful cattleman Col. Jesse Lincoln Driskill. Opened in December of 1886 the hotel was his passion and an immediate success. Visited by the most noted in society, Celebrities, Politicians to Movie Stars this Hotel has seen its fair share of royalty.

After the glamour wore off strange things started to happen. A terrible winter hit Texas in 1888, Jesse Lost 3000 cattle and his fortune leaving him broken and penniless, he was forced to sell the thing he loved the most, the Driskill Hotel. In 1890 Jesse died of a stroke, a broken man, it is said he died from grief and sadness.

A few years later a newly married bride commited suicide in room 525, twenty years later another newly married bride commited the same offense in the same room. The room was closed and blocked off for decades as it was believed it was possesed by the spirits of the Brides and anyone who stayed there would become possesed and kill themselves. Recently the hotel renovated and reopened room 525 in 1998, the room now welcomes unsuspecting visitors to stay for an unplanned honeymoon.

In the 1990's on the fourth floor in room 429 a young bride to be was counting down the minutes for her most perfect day, sadly she was informed hours before her ceremony that the groom called off the wedding, taking his credit card she went on a shopping spree, buying dresses, shoes and night wear......oh, and a gun. Returning to the hotel and enraged with sadness she returned to room 429. She held the gun close to her stomach and pulled the trigger. It took her several hours to die, she was finally discovered hours later with the wedding gifts she had bought for herself clutched in her arms, her tears still moist on her cheeks.

 In 1887 a little girl, the daughter of a well known senator was playing with her ball on the Grand Staircase. Chasing it too closely to the top of the stairs, she plunged to her death.

 Does Jesse still walk the halls not ready to leave his beloved hotel? Do the spirits of the many brides who took their lives want you to join them? Does the little girl who lost her life on the Grand Staircase still play in the hotel lobby? Watch Episode 3 as Bad Max Kicks the doors down and finds the Keys to this Haunted Hotel.


 Season 1

Episode 4

Sorrel Weed House Savannah GA.

A Haunted Tryst and Death...There's Always Room for One More.

The Sorrel-Weed House is one of the most ominous houses in Historic Savannah. It was built in 1837, a massive 16000 square foot mansion that hides many secrets.

It 1861 Francis Sorrel the then owner of this massive home was having an affair with one of his slaves, Molly. One rainy night Francis' wife Matilda was searching for her husband throughout the house, not finding him in the mansion she walked outside to the carriage house and was shocked to find Francis and Molly in a loving embrace. Matilda ran away in tears, she fled to the upstairs balcony where she vowed to return and avenge his infidelity as she jumped to her death from the second floor balcony of the main house, she plunged head first into the garden snapping her neck as she made impact with the concrete walkway below. But the story doesn't end there...Two weeks later Molly was found dead hanging from the rafters of her room in the carriage house. Did Molly take her own life out of shame? OR was Molly's death a carefully covered up MURDER? Does Matilda keep her promise and walk the house night after night avenging her own death? Watch Episode 4 as Bad Max and Vexie add a three way of scares to their haunted chest of secrets.