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Ghostriders Paranormal

The K2 EMF meter is used by Ghostriders to find indications of paranormal activity by looking for sudden erratic readings (spikes) of the lights on the K2 meter . A man made Electromagnetic Field (EMF) creates a steady reading while the spirit worlds energy is believed to be what creates the impulse readings on the K2 EMF meter.

The P-SB7 is a mini size Spirit Box the size of an MP3 player. Designed by Gary Galka of DAS with Spiritual guidance and influence from Chris Fleming. The P-SB7 made its premier debut on Ghost Adventures "LIVE" show from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on October 30 2009 Where the P-SB7 was used by Chris a Sensitive Paranormal Investigator and expert in the Paranormal field. The P-SB7 provided responses to his questions in real time over a 40 minute segment of the show. When used by a properly trained individual under certain circumstances the P-SB7 will provide results similar that of an EVP recorder but in real time.

The PX is an ITC Experimental Device that turns spirit energy into words allowing spirits to communicate with us. Powered by an internal processor the PX is a Ghostriders favorite.
Alesis Palmtrack is the ideal EVP recording device for Ghostriders Paranormal, it uses four condenser microphones for sensitivity and can pick up Electronic Voice Phenomenon in a 360 degree field.
EMF Sensor is an extremely sensitive Electro Magnetic Field Detector that can give us digital readings down to .1 milligauss. Excellent for detecting even the faintest of spirit energy..
Cell Sensor is an EMF Device used to remotely pick up spirit energy. We can place this device on a table or floor and investigate other parts of the location an audible alarm will sound if spirit energy has been detected.
Infrared Thermometer is used to measure temperature fluctuations. It is suggested that spirits use energy to manifest thus decreasing the ambient temperature of an area. This device can sense the slightest of variations helping us to detect spirit activity.
Remote IR Cameras x 4. Ghostriders can observe a large area in separate locations during an investigation and  monitor the video in real time at base. The IR cameras allow us to see in complete darkness. We record the investigation and do a complete review of the footage later. We also use 2 mini DV hand held video camera's with high intensity IR lights so we don't miss any of the action.